Great reports shouldn't take all day . . .
or night!

Create Crisp Professional Photo Reports In Minutes 

Use FastPhotoReports To:

Save Valuable Time

You can create professional quality reports in a few simple steps. Choose a report template; add your photos; add drawing annotations and comments to photos and your done!

Add Value To Your Services

Add value to your services by including a great photo report. With FastPhotoReport templates you can provide your client with a professional report in just minutes!

Create Consistent Reports

You can create templates to automate much of your report content with checkboxes, dropdown lists, comment libraries and more to create consistent reports.

At the office or on the go!

FastPhotoReports is a Windows App designed for PC Desktops, Laptops & PC Tablets.  Windows 7, 8  and  10.  Click for minimum requirements  

Custom Report Templates for your company or organization!

Put our team to work with yours to create unique report designs that will set your organization apart and make the most of  all of the time saving intuitive features FastPhotoReports has to offer.  

FastPhotoReports is a great tool for:

Construction Related Reports

Perfect for site visit reports, field investigation results, test reports, progress reports. Create reports using PC Window Desktops, Laptops and Windows PC tablets which are great in the field.

Inspection Reports

Create templates for most any inspection reporting need. Easily create checklists and dropdown lists and comprehensive comment libraries for fast inspection reporting.

Quality Assurance

There is no better way to report Quality Assurance results and concerns than with a photo report. Use the many available drawing tools in FastPhotoReports to mark up your photos for clarifications.

Photo Documentation

Use FastPhotoReports to quickly create photo documentation reports. Great for SOP's, Inventory, Process Verification, Progress Reports  and much more.  Create reports in minutes.

Claim Verification

FastPhotoReports is a great tool that can help adjusters and insurance professionals document insurance claims, whether for the insurer or the insured. Quickly create reports in the field or the office.

Custom Reporting Needs

Need a unique report format and layout?   Create a crisp, unique look and feel along with utilizing many automation features to save report writing time. Create consistent report content.  WE CAN HELP!

Special Offer:   
Enterprise for $395

For a limited time you can receive  a FastPhotoReports Enterprise subscription for $395.
Enjoy all of the FastPhotoReport features.  We are looking for beta testers and feature feedback!

FastPhotoReports Purchase Options

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Single User
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Single User
(1 Device)

Concurrent User
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Photo Annotations

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All Annotations

All Annotations

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Advanced Rich Text Features

Advanced Rich Text Features

Dual Monitor Support




Comment Libraries


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Additional Template Choices

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Email & Phone

Email & Phone

Annual Subscription
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$95 after 1st Year

$145 after 1st Year

$195 after 1st Year

The above chart is a partial comparison.  A more detailed comparison and pricing options is available HERE


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