Tools to help you get the Job Done!

FastPhotoReports includes many easy to use features for both photo and text editing.  More features are being added along the way!


Making Things Easy

Automatic Table of Contents

FastPhotoReports automatically creates your table of contents for you! Sections and subsections are added automatically and become links that jump to that section of the report. If you rearrange things in the report, add or remove sections, the table of contents is updated automatically. Add a Table of Contents to the report and then forget about it!

Automatic Page Layouts

Choose the number of photo columns, add your photos and comments and then let FastPhotoReports handle the rest! Pages are added automatically with the layout adjusted as needed for best fit. You can make individual photos larger or smaller with a right mouse click. Focus on adding your photos and comments and let FastPhotoReprts create the page layout for you.

Easy Photo Annotations

FastPhotoReports Includes many easy to use drawing tools to mark up and annotate directly on your photos. Great tools to make sure your point comes across easily and clearly. 

Comment Libraries

Easily create libraries of comments that can be inserted into your report with a few clicks.  Organize and display your comments by categories and topics.  Filter comments by search phrase, category or most recently used.

See Photo Features In Action

FastPhotoReports is a Photo Report Writing Software solution to quickly produce photo reports in minutes.  Add value to your services with a crisp professional photo report while saving time so you can focus on growing your business.

Photo Reports Are What We Do BEST!

Add Photos In A Click

Quickly Add photos into your reports with a few clicks.  Drag photos around in any order.

Easily Add Drawings

Add arrows, circles, rectangles, text, highlights, picture on picture, and more!

Automatic Layouts

Choose 1 or 2 columns and FastPhotoReports will format your report automatically!

Auto Label Photos

Automatically number photos or include filenames with a click of a checkbox.

Photo Work Bin

Work with folders of photos.  Add to report with a button click. Used photos are marked.

Comment Libraries

Easily create libraries of comments that can be inserted in a few clicks


Advanced Features

FreeStyle Page Designs

With FastPhotoReports Enterprise you will be able to take advantage of our FreeStyle page layouts. With our advanced word processing tools you can add text boxes, image boxes, tables, charts, shapes and more anywhere on the page. Set the transparency of individual items on the page and layer to create unique and stylish page designs.

Create Report Templates

Use FastPhotoReports to create comprehensive report templates for your organization. Utilize the Enterprise advanced text editor features including tables, checkboxes, dropdown lists and text content libraires. Create consistent professional reports across your team. We can help design custom templates for you!  MAKE INQUIRY